La Intimidad

Acrylic on canvas 38 x 55 cm (Year 2020)

The Intimity describes a mature relationship full of confidence as mature olive colour.

Go back in time and remember how sweet pink it was on the beginning.




The Intimity is an original artwork that is part of the collection The Contact. It was exposed for the first time in Barcelona at 2020.

A sensitive painting with a lot of sweet pink color. Represents the moment when you are relaxed with your partner and there is total confidence after some years together. The green colour is not sassy, but rather olive green. Definitelly more mature same as this relationship.

The collection wants to stand out the importance of human contact using representation of differents positions of our hands, as they are able to transmit our thoughts, feelings, love and energy.

Style: acrylic on canvas inspired by the conceptual art and continuous, simple lines.

Meaning of colours: green represents nature, pink as sensitivity and navy blue gives sedateness.


Additional information

Dimensions 38 × 2 × 55 cm


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