Exhibition: Geometry & Connections

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This first solo exhibition in her hometown Brno, at Platinium Gallery shows us her work, which arise from inspiration contents piled up during many years. And now is having the opportunity to get in shape. 

The paintings in this exhibition are split into three parts. First part introduces paintings from travelling and destinations which bring her inspiration and also from Catalonia region, which is always full of artistic insights. The main topic is geometry and capability to include elements made by human creativity which are placed into the nature. These apparently different perspectives could find harmony and connections, even it seems they are independent. Materials as grey stone, iron or cement which was molded by hands to receive geometrical shapes and were modified into the buildings or sculptures which are set in free nature or organic sky where are working together as fascinating connection.

The second part continues with human track in this geometric work with fun and playful colors. Important role has women, as an assertion of the modern period and feminist vanguard. Colors and hidden elements are spotting feelings and experiences which follow us during several periods of our lives.

Third and the most abstract part is focused on one of the most complicated feeling, love. Let ́s leave the imagination of everybody and push it into the seeking a response to some questions. Love – is it black and white or not? Is it thoughtless? Is it necessary to find a perfect balance? 

Let ́s find connections together.

Second part

Third part