Exhibition: The Contact

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Galería Miluna Life&Art Barcelona

The collection named Contact was part of collective exhibition CONTACTUS in barcelonian Miluna Life&Art Gallery located in creative neighbourhood Gràcia. The concept wants approach people and art during the pandemic and bring together artists and their artworks that emerged from this situation. 

The Contact is an open collection with continuous progress. The word “contact” is one of the most used word in the context of the coronavirus. Security messages during the pandemic about the contact have been constantly focusing on it and maybe we did not appreciate enough the human contact till we have lost it.

The collection wants to stand out the importance of human contact using representation of differents positions of our hands, as they are able to transmit our thoughts, feelings, love and energy.

The technique used is acrylic on canvas inspired by the conceptual art, continuous and simple lines. The sensitive way of choosing colours completes the concept in terms of colour theory to fit together and be combined depending on each meaning.

Human hands are unique. Our hands have a lot of functionalities as for example, create, write, play an instrument, paint, but it’s not only about functional skills, even our hands are the most common part of our corporate language and they can “communicate”. Through our hands, we can express our emotions, thoughts and feelings. The contact between people’s hands or fingers does not only occurs when we have a total confidence, but also when we feel the complicity or loyalty.