About me

Eva Kaluzova, a freelance artist, linguist and business developer.

To understand her story let´s go deeply to the history. Since she was a little girl she likes drawing with pencil and colors and around 13 years she also started paint abstract pictures with gouache. 

She was born on 04.10.1985 in Brno, Czech Republic. She stayed in her hometown for studying Spanish and Catalan philology. This choice was determinating for next years as her interest in learning more about a this culture and languages was irrestistible. That´s why she decided to move to Barcelona in 2006. This very inspiring city brings her endless ideas and oportunities to be involve in linguistics and art together.

At 2010 she decided to continue her studies, this time in another area – international business. After an artistic break of several years, she was being part of Art Studio in Born (Barcelona) under the guidelines of Carmen de los Llanos (2014-2017), then at Punt Creative or private classes of Photoshop. 

At 2020 after many years working on several positions as Manager at  spanish and international companies she decided to change her life completely and follow her dreams. Nowadays she works on her projects in differents areas as artist, entrepreneur and freelance translator. As autodidact artist she was improving and developing different artistic techniques. Actually she is also working  as ilustrator using digital tools. She defines herself as multidisciplinar artist which can deliver different styles and has no fear to any challange.

Her favourite artists and inspiration are: Alfons Mucha, Andy Warhol, Bauhaus school, Conrad Roset, Yayoi Kusama…