This red pumpkin with holes invites you to enter inside and stand in the world of fantasy for a while.

Tribute to incredible Yayoi Kusama and her sculpture in Naoshima.

Acrylic on canvas 30×30 cm




Yayoi Kusama and her fantasy world invites you to leave all daily things behind and go inside the red pumpkin. A great inspiration for my painting that is part of the collection “Geometry & Connections”. It was exposed in Platinium Gallery  in Czech Republic, in 2020. This artwork and concept is included in the first part of the collection where the main topic is geometry and capability to include elements made by human creativity. This sculpture is placed in small japanesse artistic island called Naoshima. It is just on the dock with amazing view to the seaside. Red Pumpkin found there harmony and connections with the nature, even it seems totally independent.




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