La Esperanza

This artwork represent the moment when you receive support which keeps you full of hope

High quality print based on original painting on canvas made with acrylic colours

Printed on high quality ECO Shiro paper 300 gr.



This print called La Esperanza is based on original artwork that is part of the collection The Contact. It was exposed for the first time in Barcelona at 2020. La Esperanza captures the moment that occurs as a result of the contact between a hand that offers help and the other that receives it. When we are desperate and we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and a close person offers us help and their point of view, then our hands come into contact and give us hope. Contact comforts and cares when we need it most. The colors present are the brown of nature and protection, the green tone of hope and the orange of trust that has a lot of presence in the hand that offers help, since without trust it could not be achieved.

The collection wants to stand out the importance of human contact using representation of differents positions of our hands, as they are able to transmit our thoughts, feelings, love and energy.

Style: acrylic on canvas inspired by the conceptual art and continuous, simple lines.

Meaning of colours: Brown as nature and protection, orange is confidence and green as hope



Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 42 × 1 cm
Print size

30 x 40 cm


Without frame


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