El Vínculo

Acrylic on canvas 38 x 55 cm (Year 2020)

Be linked together is a marriage with orange confidence, blue transparency, sweet pink and brown protection




“Link up together” is an original painting from the collection The Contact. It was exposed for the first time in Barcelona at 2020. These two linked hands is a couple in love and engaged. As a result transmit their feelings and confidence between them. In other words they trust each other.

The collection wants to stand out the importance of human contact using representation of differents positions of our hands, as they are able to transmit our thoughts, feelings, love and energy.

Style: acrylic on canvas inspired by the conceptual art and continuous, simple lines.

Meaning of colours: Pink as sensibility. Orange as confidence. Brown as earth and protection. Blue as calm and transparency.


Additional information

Dimensions 38 × 2 × 55 cm


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