El juego

Reflexion about world racism simbolized by two hands aparently in peace.

High quality print based on original painting on canvas made with acrylic colours

Printed on high quality ECO Shiro paper 300 gr.



This print called The Game is based on original artwork that is part of the collection The Contact. It was exposed for the first time in Barcelona at 2020. The Game is a work inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, which was brought about by the death of J. Floyd that occurred during the pandemic. This work reflects on racial contact and social class contact that is represented by two hands that, apparently, are at peace, but the reality is very different. The conflict is not resolved and persists worldwide. It is an infinite chess game of opposing players who are taking steps and nobody knows where. Racism exists no matter how much we pretend otherwise. The gray color is compressed and represents people without prejudice.


The collection wants to stand out the importance of human contact using representation of differents positions of our hands, as they are able to transmit our thoughts, feelings, love and energy.

Style: acrylic on canvas inspired by the conceptual art and continuous, simple lines.

Meaning of colours: Dark brown and pinky white as colours of human skin and grey represents people without prejudice.



Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 42 × 1 cm
Print size

30 x 40 cm


Without frame


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